Sunday, 24 January 2016

What Makes Us Human?

When I came up with this idea last year, I was excited over this. I was so excited to see everyone's reactions on what they thought made us human. All the good reasons why we're human. I wanted this tour to be positive, happy, exciting, uplifting.

I have loads of reasons of what makes us human. Love, empathy, compassion to name but a few. But when I started to think about my post for this tour, I kept circling over one idea. But it went against what I wanted for this tour - it went against everything I want for this tour and what I believe - so I kept pushing it away. But it kept coming back. So, here it is. This is my post in the What Makes Us Human tour.

What makes us human is the acts of cruelty we can inflicted on others and how others enjoy the pain caused.

Yep. This post is going to be dark and is going to look at evil. Sorry about that, but hear me out and stay with me.

The world is a dark place. We can turn on the news and we watch horror after horror. And most of them is humans causing pain and hurt onto other humans. Some people believe its for the greater good. Some people do it accidental and without meaning to. Some people just enjoy causing pain.

Even the stuff we do to each other which doesn't make the news can be seen as cruel. Cheating of your partner. Spreading that piece of gossip. Saying that tiny white lie. We do cruel things without realising it. And sometimes, we enjoy the pain we cause. In most cases, the pain and damage we cause is small, tiny, insignificant. But it's the others, the aftermath can be devastating and heartbreaking.

Which means me onto another reason on what makes us human. Something which is hugely important. More important than the cruelty and the evil that we see in the world.

What makes us human is belief.

We believe.

For every act of evil and cruelty, we believe in the act of kindness and goodness. After the horrid shootings in Paris last year, the city defied the act of terror by donating blood. When there is a natural disaster, people donate their time and money towards helping those in need. When someone we know and love (or hate) is in danger, most of us try and come to the person's aid.

We believe that evil will be defeated. And that, to me, is what truly makes us human: our power to believe in better.

If you wish to continue with What Makes Us Human tour, tomorrow's stop is Chouett so check her post out at But before I leave you, I am going to leave you with this quote from JK Rowling:

"We do not need magic to transform our world; we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better."

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