Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Book Review - Half Lost

As you guys are probably aware, I fell in love with this series last year. I became a little obsessed with it and, because I binge read the first 2 books and one eNovella, I fell into a book slump. So, yes... I had to get my hands on this, the final book in the series. I HAD TO!!! I was going to buy it, hunt it down and panic read. So, when the lovely Megan from Reading Away The Days tweeted that she had a copy and wanted to give it to someone, George of George Lester fame suggested me and I went on full on "I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU GIVE ME THIS BOOK!" tweets. So, my huge thanks to George for suggesting me and a big thank you hug to Megan who I have probably scared with my tweets (and me asking questions about Sookie Stackhouse - it's a series I dip in and out of that I really want to investigate and read!)

After the devastating events at the end of Half Wild, Nathan is running again. The Alliance of Free Witches has all but been destroyed, but they have a plan. They need Nathan to go talk to a witch called Ledger to get half of something that could help me take down Soul and his Council.

But war is war. And not everyone will survive.

I shouldn't have read this so soon after Frail Human Heart by Zoe Marriott. Reading two books which are the end of trilogies I love is too much for my poor heart.

But Half Lost. Ok, am saying this right now, but this book destroyed me. I forgot how much I love Sally Green's writing and I forgot how quickly I fell into this world. I had to force myself to read slow so I didn't power-read it! And this book... oh, this book did feels to my poor heart. It's a breathless read and there were moments I was holding my breath. Or moments where I was going "Nonononono!!!". (George knows this as I was DMing him on Twitter after I finished the book, SCREAMING IN CAP LOCK!!!)

There are some trilogies out there (am not going to name names) that should look at Half Lost as THIS is how you end a trilogy. This book gets it right on the money. I trust Sally Green (as you should with any author whose book you are reading - otherwise, why are you reading the book?) and Sally wrote Nathan's story her way - unflinching and never afraid to take the tough route - and I love her for that. I love how the book is raw, dark unflinching but has moments of softness, kindness and love (only to rip these moments into tiny pieces in front of your very eyes...)

This series is definitely a marmite read - you are either going to love it or you are going to hate it. I love it and I am already itching to reread the whole trilogy again. And I am watching Sally's Twitter feed for any news on her next project. But this trilogy... wow. Just wow.

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