Tuesday, 31 May 2016

#MurderMonth - Have I Failed?

I feel like I failed Murder Month.

I can't believe I typed those words and that am still typing. But I have said I would try and be more truthful on my blog and I feel it would be wrong to lie to you, dear reader. So, let me explain why I feel like I failed this themed month.

I know I haven't. I been reading/audiobooking stories that have a crime/thriller/mystery element within them since March. So I haven't failed. I worked my backside off to make this month the best I could try to be. And I tried really hard.

But after reading The Ersatz Elevator and Dead to the World, I just hit a wall. I hit a wall where I wanted to read, but I didn't want to read another murder. So, I took a tiny break. I read Sarra Manning's London Belongs To Us (which I am review in a few days time). This wasn't part of the plan, but I needed a break. I needed something light and fluffy. And I read this very fast so I thought "OK, I've had my reward. Now, I wanna read this book/that book/etc..."

And I have one very long list of books I want to read. I have them on Pinterest. I mean, look!

See. I had books. Loads. I had a plan of a few I wanted to read because other bloggers told me they were amazing. 

But I just couldn't settle. Nothing I picked up kept me. I started with Career of Evil, but stopped after 50 or so pages as I struggle with Robert Galbraith. Don't ask - it's a weird complex reason. Ok, not that - what about The Clockwork Scarab by Colleen Gleason. Couldn't get past first 3 chapters. Ok, try... nope. What about... nope. 

Nothing I could settle on kept my attention. I don't think I am in a reading slump as I started listening to the audiobook version of Chasing the Stars by Marlorie Blackman and I became hooked on that. 

Ok, I hear you dear readers say, maybe you hit a wall and had your fill on crime. What do you think you failed this themed month? 

Because I had this idea that this month was going to be filled of reviews and ideas on crime books. I wanted to push myself and to give you new, exciting, different stories. And I don't feel I have. 

Because of this, I feel like I failed. 

Ok, I know I haven't failed. I know this. No one is saying "You failed, Andrew!". Only I am doing that and I know I shouldn't. I shouldn't. Blogging is a hobby - a full time job of a hobby - but I want to do the best I can for this blog and for you guys. 

Ok, am going to stop now. Yes, I feel like I failed but I haven't. I'm going to keep trying to do the best  I can for this blog and, hopefully, keep enjoying myself. Once the fun is gone, that's when am going to stop blogging. 

But until then... 

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