Thursday 17 February 2022

eBook Review - Dead Lucky

We're deep into the the month of romance. So, of course, let’s chat about the book that starts with a murder. When have I ever stuck to my plans of reading romances in the month of February? And if I do, there’s a darkness to it, for love is a beautiful thing but it can also be very dangerous.

Title and Author: Dead Lucky by Andreina Cordani
Publisher: Atom Books
Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: eProof gifted by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review/reaction.

Maxine, Leni, Ed and Xav are the lucky ones. The influencers who have it all: the followers, the wealth, the respect. But being The influencers on popular streaming platform PlayMii isn’t so perfect as they claim on screen. It’s broken Ed’s heart, ruined Leni’s friendships, leaving Maxine overwhelmed and for Xav… it ends in his murder as a masked figure walks into his apartment and stabs him to death on camera.

As the world reels from the shocking footage, remembering Xav as the guy with no filter, Maxine reminds a different Xav. One who could be cruel. But when Maxine realises that Xav had a secret file on his fellow creators – his so-called friends – that, if uploaded, could easily ruin their careers. And for someone, they are willing to do anything to keep them hidden, and they are watching Maxine very closely…

I like thrillers – that should come as no surprise to you all who have followed my reading over the past few years. The rest I say this is because I, mostly times, get the Twist. I see things coming and then I want the author to prove me wrong or deliver it in a way that makes my jaw drop. Now, I saw a few things coming in here, but I didn’t the Big Twist. I saw part of it, but not all of it so when it was fully revealed, I was shocked and delighted over how Andreina Cordani pulled it off.

Now, before I go any further, I would like to quick warn you guys about triggers as this book has a few. It has murder, attempted murder, toxic friendships (including mental/emotional manipulations and gaslighting), physical domestic abuse (past and mentioned), homophobia. I think there are others, but I advise you read other reviews to check.

This book is told in multiply POVs, but the main two are Maxine and Sam. Maxine from when she discovers the news of Xav’s death and her growth throughout the book, coming to terms with grief, her future and how she sees the world around her and realise that, while she is a social media star, she has no real agency in her life. Whereas Sam is told from before Xav, Maxine, Leni and Ed were famous and the events that happened before.

The POV works as it gives layers. It points out that all we know about social media influencers is what they put online. While the author doesn’t fully poke into social media, it does give an inside in how these influencers work and it’s hard for them to switch off as it’s a full time job. We notice this in the first few chapters were Maxine makes a friend and eats ice cream with them, only to realise afterwards that she didn’t take photos of her meal or social media it and this makes her hugely uncomfortable.

This might read like a fun, fluffy, almost summer-reading-by-the-pool, but it has a dark heart to it which makes us wonder How well do we know these people?. I think this would make a really interesting BBC Three/e4 thriller and fans of One of Us Is Lying and We Were Liars might want to have this on their radar…

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