Monday 16 May 2022

Did You Miss Me?

Well, that blog break was longer than I expected. I doubt you guys noticed, but I only wanted to be away for a few weeks, mainly over the Easter. But I think my slight book blogger/reader/being human burnout was a little worse than I thought and so, took longer off and it was only a few weekends ago that I felt like I could get back to blogging. 

Why, yes. Am writing this a few weeks in advance, just so am a little ahead of the game and to ease myself back in. 

Now, I guess you think am going to write about all the books/ebooks/audiobooks I read over my break. Well, no. Not really. I wrote little things on my Goodreads ( - like you didn't know) and I usually try and keep my Twitter Thread of my 2022 Reading up to date (or you can follow me in Twitter at as I normally chat/tweet-scream any reads. Whether good or bad or meh), but I don't really feel that need to write mini-reviews or posts on here at the moment. 

But I'm not gonna be cruel. I will put some book covers up so you know what I read. 

Oh, please note one of these was a reread on a different format to my first read. 

Now, at time of writing this, I should be hoovering the house, but I want to write two more posts (I think we all know what one of them is going to be... no? Really? Fine, I'll give you a hint in a moment...) and then I'm going to dip in and out of blogging for a while. I want to be more chill and enjoy myself with this again. Yes, this might be a sign that am ready to leave the book blog behind and be more... whatever I'm going to be next, but I think, with the world being as it is, we should have some fun. 

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