Saturday, 17 April 2010

GoodRead - UK Cover Vs US Cover

I entered a competition to win this book. Plus, I found what the UK cover looked like yesterday and due to lack of time, I didn't blog it. So, here I am, blogging it now.

Today's UK Cover Vs US Cover is for the book "The Curse Workers: White Cat" or "White Cat" (depending where you live) by Holly Black.

Now, I have heard good things about this book so I want to read this. And this would be my first Holly Black novel, so this book has A LOT to live up to.

But enough about me book-lushing, let's get on with the covers.

Here is the UK and (I think) the Austrialian cover:

And here is the US cover:

No contest here. The US cover wins for me! I think it's more dramatic looking compared to the UK cover.

But what do you think? The UK cover or the US cover? Leave your comments below! And while you do that, here is a trailer for the book! ENJOY!

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