Sunday, 11 April 2010

GoodRead - UK Cover Vs US Cover

Blog Two of the day linked to UK Vs US Covers!

So, this blog will be of the audiobook I've started listening to (and has started to creep me out. And I'm not into chapter 8 yet!) - "Prophecy Of The Sisters" by Michelle Zink. Yes, I know this book has been out for a while in the US and in the UK so this is a teeny bit late. Oh well...

This is the UK Cover of "Prophecy Of The Sisters"

And this is the US Cover of the "Prophecy Of The Sisters"

I like them both. But I prefer the UK cover for the reason that it feels the dark, gothic feel of the story which I have heard so far.

But what do you think? Leave your comments and thoughts below!


Mere hours after I posted this blog, the author herself - that's right, the real MICHELLE ZINK - posted a small message on my LiveJournal entry on this. She stated the following:

Thanks so much for featuring Prophecy on your wonderful blog. I just wanted to clarify that both the US and UK hardcovers featured the first cover shown here. The second cover is actually the US paperback cover, and it may be used for the UK paperback as well. The cover concept was changed to appeal to a wider segment of the teen audience.

Hope you enjoy the sequel, Guardian of the Gate!


First of all, am in shock! She ACTUALLY took time out of write on my blog! I know she does this with all her readers on Facebook and Twitter, but this feels like a real honour. So, Michelle, thank you!
And second, she called my blog "Wonderful". *faints*

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