Saturday, 22 May 2010

Sin - A Short Story

QUICK AUTHOR'S NOTE - This story isn't a story. Yes, I know I say it is in the title. But this idea came to me yesterday as I was driving. I have no idea what made me question the idea of sin, but what I found more interesting is the "voice" this story took. It seems so different from how I usually write, I decided to challenge myself with it. I hope you like...


Every person knows of the seven deadly sins. And every person is capable of them.
There is no sight of a sin affecting a person. There is no aura, no sight, no sound, no warning sign.
We all have the capable to commit one of the sins, and we all trick ourselves. We believe that Biblical demons are tempting us. We believe that for every sin, there is a virtue to redeem ourselves.
Because we want redemption once we cause the sin. Because we don’t see the act of the sin itself. We see only the effect and only the aftermath. And we try to fix the damage we have caused.
But we must remember. We must remember that there is a difference between sin and evil.
An act of sin is redeemable. An act of evil isn’t.
Every human on this planet we call Earth is capable of an act of sin. Very few are capable of an act of evil.

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