Friday, 18 June 2010

Wake: The Movie - Starring Miley Cyrus?

Now, I love news of books I’ve read and really like being turned into films (Harry Potter, Twilight, Shiver, Mortal Instruments, Hunger Games among others!). Now, another book series is added to the list – WAKE by Lisa McMann.

For those of you who don’t know the trilogy (complete in the US, only recently hit UK shores), the main character, Janie, can enter people’s dreams. And it’s not as cool as I’ve made out. She has no choice in the matter – if you fall asleep, so will she. And, because of this, she knows things about her friends (and enemies) that she rather not know. Then, one day, she enters a nightmare so terrifying, that she soon realise that she’s taking part in the nightmare…

Okay, I admit, I’m not a huge lover of the series, but I like them. A lot! It’s urban paranormal that’s true to the characters (and there’s no vampires! An antidote for all the vamp-fic out there!), so when news that MTV Films & Paramount have bought the film rights to the while Trilogy, I was a bit “Oh cool! How are they going to do the dreams? Some of them are very explicit. That’s going to be interesting to see.”

Then, I read the article more and my heart sunk. Why?

Miley Cyrus is considering taking the lead role of Janie.

Okay, I’m going to say this now. I’m not a great Miley fan. But she isn’t Janie. I don’t think she could pull the edginess or the toughness Janie needs. I mean, Janie’s mother is an alcoholic and, while we see more of this and why she is in GONE (the final book in the trilogy), Janie has to deal with being her mother’s carer and I don’t want the film to shy away from that. Plus, Janie sees some horrible things in her dreams – ranging from sexuality and self image worries to nudity and abuse – and I worry that if Miley does take the role on, she won’t be able to pull it off.

And FADE! There’s a scene in FADE (second book in the trilogy) that is horrible! (If you read the book, you would know what scene I am talking about!) And if the films are going to be three films and not one film put together, how is she going to pull that scene off?

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe she would get the emotion that Janie needs (I have been wrong about actors before) but that’s my main fear. I don’t want Miley to be given the role for her name alone – I want her to ACT!

Sorry, that’s my tiny rant over this. If she is in the film or not, I will probably want to see it.


Oh, one other thing. If she’s starring in the film, that means Miley has veto-ed her right to be on the soundtrack. Sorry, one or the other – not both!

And speaking of the soundtrack – Okay, am going to stop now! Expect for patchwork quilt. I want the soundtrack to be like a patchwork quilt. Like Juno’s, in a sense. But not quite.

Okay, now am ending this! Laters!

Reviews of the WAKE trilogy are here (for WAKE and FADE) & here (for GONE).

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