Monday 5 July 2010

GoodRead - Need

So, it's been a while since I've done a book review for the book. SORRY!!! My "Books To Read" Pile is stupidly tall and every time I seem to start a book (Bree Tanner, White Cat, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), I always seem to get side-track with work, my own writing - hell, my own life!

So, I did what I did last time with Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters - I attacked iTunes audiobook section! Well, I downloaded this a while ago but I rediscovered it in my Purchase area and had a tiny listen. And, well, I got sucked in!

The audiobook in question is Need by Carrie Jones, read by Julia Whelan.

So, here is the basics you need to know. Zara collects phobias. She can name them and their meanings pretty well - chanting them to herself whenever she gets nervous or scared. And with everything that's happened to her, it's not surprising. Her stepfather has just died and her mother, fearing the worse for her daughter, has sent Zara to live with her grandmother, Betty, in a small town of Maine, hoping it would be the perfect fix.

Although, that doesn't work. It seems that someone is stalking Zara. They have been stalking her since her stepfather's death. She thought it was a figment of her imagination - it's not. And this guy doesn't leave footprints in the snow, but a eerie trail of gold dust. Something isn't right - isn't human - in this sleepy Maine town and whoever this guy is, he wants - needs - something from Zara...

Okay, where should I start?

Let's start with the cover. It's lovely, isn't it? With the gold lips and the exposed neck, most people will try this is another teen vampire novel. It's not vampire related! Let's get that clear - NO VAMPIRES WITHIN THIS STORY!

The title is a bit hard to get your head round. Need. Sorry, but it is. Once you read the book, you get what it means. But when you first glance at it, it's kinda odd to get your head round.

Okay, no more delaying it. The story! It's fast. I'm serious. It's fast, and sometimes, it works. It needs that faster, but things in life aren't slow. But then, there are other times, it feels too fast. I mean, within the first 3/4 chapters, you discover who the bad guy is and you kinda go "Huh? That... that's it? No build up? And you guys instantly believe this is it? Most people don't instantly take it and go 'OK. Now what?'."

But it's the characters I found interesting. The story and the twist on the myths of the ***** (now that would be telling. Yes, it's Young Adults and yes, there is a hint of magic in there) were cool, but I like the characters and the phobias. Carrie Jones, instead of using chapters, uses phobias. So, instead of "Chapter 1", she uses "Phobophobia - Fear of Phobias". And it works because this fits Zara, the main character so well.

Now, Zara. I really like her. Actually, most of the charcters I really like. Like Issie - I love her! But Zara is cool. She's a strong character that does make mistakes. She's active in Amnesty International (great cause!) and she doesn't believe in fighting, but there are moments where her hot temper gets the better of her. She's human.

She's also a teenager. and she says things and reacts like a teenager. One of my fave lines in the story (and read so brilliantly in the audiobook by Julia Whelan) is the following: "He leans closer. One inch, another, oh God, oh okay. Yep. I thinks he's going to kiss me. Okay. Okay. Another inch." Just love that section. Just love how Julia read it!

And from the above, you can tell there is a hottie or two. Depending on which character you relate to more: Zara or Issie.

So, yeah, if you are a Twilight fan, you will like this! If you are a Mercy Falls fan (Shiver and Linger by Maggie Stiefvater), you might like it! This is a fast read where you might learn something about phobias.

If you want more info about Amnesty Internation, click here -

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And now, music! I'm not sure on my second choice, but my first... this FITS!

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