Sunday 25 March 2012

Smile - Another Sunday Edition

For the last 40-odd minutes, I have been scheduling some SMILE posts (I really should be reading as I have two reviews and that's it! And one of those I can't review till May so... yep...). It was only going to be a small thing, but I went mad on images that I thought would make the next few Monday mornings start off with a smile, hence why I have done it.

I started with in mid-May (I work usually two months ahead of myself when it comes to Smile). I am now in August with one post scheduled in October (Halloween) and two more in December (Christmas). And I blame all of my pals who have tumblrs. ALL YOUR FAULT! But thank you for making me laugh for the past hour or so with stupid, funny and wonderful images!

Am backing away from computer now, with the following picture [taken from the Epically Funny tumblr.] Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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