Saturday, 9 June 2012

RIFT's UK Cover! (& Some Michelle Zink News)

As you guys know, I FREAKING love Andrea Cremer's Witches War (aka Nightshade trilogy)! So, when Andrea revealed that she was writing two prequels, Rift and Shine, you could guess how EXCITED I was. And now, I just spotted that Atom (the UK publisher) slipped the UK cover to Rift without telling anyone! And here is it:

I love it! I simply love it. I imagine this cover to be SUPER shiny and I can not wait to get my hands on this book when it comes out at the start of August! And, Atom revealed info about this book:

Ember has always known that she owed her life to a mysterious order of Knights who saved her as a baby. The same order of Knights who called her best friend to service, leaving her behind to play the dutiful daughter. 

But shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Alistair returns. Although he seems altered - shadowed and brooding - Ember places her trust in him, knowing that he's her one chance to escape. 

Little does she know what danger lies ahead. For this is a tumultuous time, and Ember will soon be caught up in an age-old struggle between darkness and light. Neither she, nor her heart, can possibly survive unscathed.

PS - as a small note, Atom also revealed that they will be publishing 3 short e-novellas, written by Michelle Zink and they are spin-off linked to her trilogy, Prophecy of the Sisters. These three will be released in the coming weeks. And here are the covers for these three:

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