Tuesday, 29 January 2013

GoodRead - Not My Wolf

I saw this randomly on Amazon, saw it was free and saw it had gay werewolves. That's the main reasons why I downloaded it. I didn't know till later that this was M/M EROTICA and from the same writer who wrote What He Wants (if you didn't see my review which saw me rant and rave, and basically ordered you all NOT to buy this [which is something I never do!], here you go. Enjoy the ranty fury!)

That's right, this is an gay M/M erotica read and, after a long time, I've decided (maybe against my better judgement) to talk to you guys about it. So, if this isn't your kind of thing, BACK AWAY! Do not read!

As pack Alpha of the Rocky Mountains fenrir wolf pack, Corey has a lot on his plate. But when he has a dream that could lead him to his mate, things look up. But when he meets Devin on a double date, he's shocked to discover that Devin is his mate. Which is slightly problematic as Corey's straight. But the two can't deny that they are strongly attractive to each other and when Devin gets into trouble with a rival pack, Corey moves heaven and earth to find him...

This is a novella of around 18,000 so most of you guys would read this in an hour. Maybe an hour and a half and, even though I lost my temper over What He Want, I actually enjoyed reading this. I do have an issue (but will get to that in a second). The writing was good and well-editted and the characters and mythology was interesting. Yes, it was a bit one-dimensional at times, but in a novella, that's to be expected.

My main issue is Corey. Most of the way through the story, he's very much "I'm straight. You're not my mate as you're a guy." He doesn't accept it immediately (which I liked) but there was no real emotion or he wondering "Could I be...?". No, none of that. But after a moments together (and a night), he's still "Nope. Am straight." And then Devin is taken by the rival pack and INSTANTLY, Corey's feelings change from "I'm straight" to "He's my mate!". Really? You changed how you see Devin and him being your mate THAT quickly?

Another small scene which bothered me was Devin picking a lock to watch Corey sleep. That whole scene, if taken out of context is VERY creepy. And the fact that, when Corey wakes to see Devin, while freaking out, Devin says something about rape (I can't remember what it was, exactly)... but, seriously?

I know most of the people reading this novella will want to know if the sex scenes are hot and steamy (not answering that!), but if you like this sort of thing, here you go. Enjoy. I think I might have judged Eden Cole too harshly with What He Wants...

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  1. M/M is definitely my thing - or one of my things :) -, but Eden Cole and her werewolves? Not really...

    Thanks for the funny review!

    (You should consider getting rid of captcha)