Thursday, 14 March 2013

GoodRead - Heist Society

After the hussle I got on Twitter about this series (due to a CassJayTuck video - link here!) and me reading the free eNovella of Double Crossed (I reviewed this last week - click here if if you want to read my reactions), I got a VERY cheap second hand copy (am meant to be saving money so second hand shops/eshops, I love you) and sped through it within 5 days.

Kat Bishop is a thief. Well, was a thief. She's quitting the family business. Or tries to. Her father has been framed for stealing five paintings that he didn't steal and the man whose paintings their are wants them back. And he isn't afraid to blackmail Kat into doing it. And with a deadline. So, Kat has fourteen days to find the paintings and return them, which means she has to go back into the world she tried so hard to escape from in the first place.

I'm surprised over this book for some reason. I know from reading Double Crossed that this wasn't going to be a heavy read but I really like how Ally Carter writes. Ally writes using simple yet effective language and, because of this, you felt in on the con and, though Kat, Hale (her... I'm not sure what to call Hale? Her right hand man? Her could-be boyfriend?) and everyone in this book are theives and are "the bad guys", you route for them. You want her to pull this off!

There is something light and fluffy about the book. It's very much a beach read, but I can see why this author is very popular with fans with this series and her Gallagher Girls series. And it makes sense that Warner Bros have bought the movie rights to this book with Drew Barrymore producing and directing (press release here). I can see this as a movie, if it's done right.

I do have one issue though, and it is because this is a beach-like read. Because of this, there were times that the book felt flat. Maybe this is because the book is more 9-12 age range than all the YA I normally read. But sometimes, you need to read something fun, and fun this was.

I did enjoy this fun and pacey read and I might read the sequels to this, Uncommon Criminals and Perfect Scoundrels (though I would rather jump into Perfect Scoundrels as that appeals to me a lot more than Uncommon Criminals). I can see girls reading this and wanting to be a Kat Bishop.

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  1. I loved this and I didn't realise they were turning it into a film - if done right this makes me happy! Fab review!