Monday 18 March 2013

Who Fanies A Signed Copy of "Heart Shaped Bruise" by Tanya Byrne?

As some of you are aware (if you follow me on Twitter [if you wanna follow me, click here!]), I went to an event where the super lovely Tanya Byrne and the lovely Frankie from Headline chat about writing and publishing. Which is nice and super helpful (must stop using the word super in this post - nah! Will be fine!) as I wanted some advice about editing (but I didn't have to ask in the end as Tanya offered advice and am going to try and use one of her tips when I get my writing gear on!).

So, apart from tips ad chatting about writing, Tanya read the first chapter of her debut, Heart-Shaped Bruise, and (for the first time ever) she read out the first chapter of her second novel, Follow Me Down. And, oh, I am excited! It sounds just as dark and twisted as Heart-Shaped Bruise.

So, before I go any further, thank you Tanya for coming, thank you Frankie and Sam from Headline for coming down and surviving us mad book people and thank you Georgia at Just Imagine (love that shop and I promise I will read The Knife of Never Letting Go soon! I PROMISE!), but why am I writing this post if I'm not going to reveal ANYTHING (expect that the first chapter of Follow Me Down is just as dark as Heart-Shaped Bruise)? Well, I managed to nab myself a signed copy of Heart-Shaped Bruise and because I want you guys to love this book and get excited for the next, I am GIVING IT AWAY!

That's right. Giving it away. And here are the pics to prove it...

Now, to win this lovely signed book, all you have to do is fill in the form below. And that's it. Nothing more. Nothing less. The contest will close at 6pm this Friday and this is a UK only contest (I am poor and can't ship aboard!) The winner will be randomly chosen by and I will email the winner that evening. So, good luck everyone. In the words of The Hunger Games, may the odd ever be in your favour.

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