Wednesday 2 April 2014

GoodRead - The Course of True Love (And First Dates)

When Sean from Walker Books asked if I wanted to review this, I was very much in two minds. I have read two previous Bane Chronicles eNovellas in the past (What Really Happened in Peru? and The Runaway Queen) and I have come away with very mixed reactions to them both. But when Sean offered this, I did jump at the chance at it because it's Magnus and Alec's first date! Now, as a huge Malec shipper within the first Mortal Instruments trilogy (I haven't read books 4, 5 or soon to be released 6), all I could think of before I started reading this was "Please don't screw this up, Cassandra Clare."

Magnus and Alec is one of the fandom's favourite couples. But before they finally got together, they must have their first date. And things might not even get off the ground...

Out of the three Bane Chronicles stories that I have read, this is probably the best. But I think this is because this was written SOLELY by Cassandra Clare herself. It felt like I was finally reading the Magnus I fell in love with when I was reading the first three Mortal Instruments and the Infernal Devices. And it was so great to actually read the first date as I bet most Malec shippers were wondering about their first date...

My only real problem with this is that this did feel like a skim over the date. It wasn't rushed, which is something I'm pleased over, but I did wish that there was more detail.

I do think that I have been stung by the previous Bane Chronicles stories I have read - mainly What Really Happened In Peru? (I had real hatred for that one) - but I did like this story (yeah Malec!). Whether this means I will read the complete Bane Chronicles when it is published in book form later this year seems unlikely, but you never know... I think if I do read them all, maybe I will get use to the Magnus BEFORE the series!

PS - I do love this cover. Is that weird?

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