Thursday 24 April 2014

GoodRead - Love In The Shadows

Another day, another NetGalley review. And this was an impulse adult-y read so... yeah... a bit outside what I normally read and review on the blog. But, here goes.

When Quintin is invited to an exclusive party hosted by the US ambassador's wife, he's surprised as he barely spoke to her for less than five minutes. But when he gets there and asks to change in the bedroom, the power goes out and the ambassador gets shot. While safe in the bedroom, Quintin finds himself alone with a mystery man. A spy who makes his pulse quicken. And the feeling is mutual.

And yet, Quintin had no idea who this guy is, what he looks like or how he's involved in the shooting. But when he gets asks to meet his cottage the next day, Quintin goes without thinking about the consequences of what's going to happen to him in the next few days...

Ok, let's get onto the positives of this as I sense I might get a little ranty over this. This was a fun, fast read. A beach read. If you want something little and fluffy, then this is up your street.

But - yes, there is a but - I do have issues. A lot of issues. It was, at times, a bit ridiculous. I know I said this is a beach read so you had to take everything with a pinch of salt, but even then, there was times I went "Are you serious?".

Would an Italian spy really fall in love with Quinten and versa-vica so quickly? In a space of ten minutes? Would Quintin really drop everything to go to Belguim to see his mystery man - a man who he met in the dark while a highly powerful man man was shot - while he has said he's shy, suffered from panic attacks when he was younger and likes living a quiet life? If you spoke to someone for barely five minutes a few months ago, would they REALLY invite you to their exclusive party? Really? Things kept happening and I was always going "Really? You want me to believe this?"

And the ending - Sorry, but that wasn't an ending. I read that the author is considering making this a first book in a trilogy and this annoys me greatly. I'm not sure this book really deserves a sequel or to be part of a trilogy. But if this is a false rumour, then I hate the ending because it's a "Make Up Your Own" ending. Sometimes, this works but in Love In The Shadows, it doesn't.

I think my main problem here was it was executed poorly. I was going into this being a James Bond type thriller with edges and dashes of a love story. And if it was, this story would have been really good. But it wasn't. It just fell (and felt) flat.

Sorry if you think this is a bad review but I wasn't thrilled over it. Actually, if I can truthful with you, I was quite disappointed over this.

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