Friday, 18 April 2014

GoodRead - Dead Silent

As you guys are probably aware if you have been following my blog for a while, I am a fan of Kimberly Derting's The Body Finder. Loved books 1 & 3 in the series (the killers in both these books are scary!). And since finishing the series, I have been waiting to discovering a crime/thriller book series within YA to be a "spiritual" cousin, as I don't think there is many crime/thrillers within YA (though this is changing!)

In this, the second book in the Poppy Sinclaire series, Poppy and her new boyfriend, Michael, go to Cambridge to see her father and for Michael to have an interview at a university. What Poppy doesn't expect to find a dead body of a student, his arms outstretch in an snow angel position. But his wings are his own blood. And she finds her father kneeling by the body... 

Things don't look for Poppy's father, so Poppy hunts down the killer... But hunting the truth can be murder, and if she's not careful, someone Poppy cares about might find themselves in the killer's reach... 

I'm going to say this. I really think this book is PERFECT for you Body Finder fans out there. It's dark and twisty with a tiny hint of something unnatural (it's not in your face as The Body Finder), but I devoured this book in less than a week. And recently, reading something this fast is a miracle! But I just couldn't stop reading this. 

Apart from the murder and the thriller side of this book that I thoroughly enjoyed, I really liked how Sharon Jones wrote about Poppy and Michael's relationship. I like how, recently on the Internet (mainly YouTube), the topic of sex and consent has been raised and Sharon tackles it within Dead Silent. And I liked how Sharon wrote it with maturity and how she made both the characters act like grown-ups over it. There was always questions and moments of hesitations, but this is very natural in a new relationship so I applaud this. THANK YOU FOR TREATING YOUR READERS LIKE ADULTS! 

I also loved the idea of the author tackling religion. If you have read the previous book, Dead Jealously, you know this takes place in a pagan festival and that Poppy's mother is pagan. So here, we have Poppy beginning to explore not only her mother's Paganism but also her father's Christianity and her own as she claims to be an atheist. It's refreshing to read about religion and not feel like it's been forced down your throat! 

And as for the mystery... I really didn't see it coming. And I think I'm quite good at figuring who the murderer is in crime books, I didn't really think it was them till the very last moment and, even then, I didn't go with in. But I like that I didn't see it coming! 

I am so glad I haven't read the first book. Once I have finished my NetGalley month, it's going to be one of the first books am planning to read. I can not wait! And bring on book 3!


  1. Hurrah! Glad you loved this one. It is one of my FAVOURITES. I love Poppy Sinclair SO MUCH.

  2. I must check out this series since you recommend it for fans of TBF! :)