Thursday 1 May 2014

GoodRead - When The World Was Flat (And We Were In Love)

Still doing my NetGalley binge for the month of April (yes, I know I am in May, but this is the last NetGalley story that I read in April so this one counts!), and I chose to read this one as I forgot what this was about and LOOK AT THE COVER!!!

Lillie is having bad dream for the past few months. Each dream is basically the same: a doppelganger of herself is trying to kill her. Sleepless nights for her, and that's the least of her worries. Her friendship between her two best friends are put under sudden pressure and the new guy in school, Tom, makes Lillie feel things that make no sense. And the feeling isn't neutral. Tom would rather watch paint dry than talk to her, and Lillie has a feeling that Tom and her have met in another life...

Ok, I am going to say it. This wasn't my cup of tea. I honestly thought I was going to enjoy this. I loved the idea of Einstein and parallel universes. And it's more sci-fi than I normally read, but I felt I would really enjoy this book.

But I didn't. I never warmed to the characters, the ideas that were put forward or where the story was going. There were times I was skimming the book, just to get to the end. I wanted to just finish it and get to the next read.

I think the problem with this book, if I'm honest with you, is the execution. It just falls short for some reason. I think it's because the story didn't really pick up pace till around half way through. The first 50% was Lillie getting weird dreams and a lot of teen angst from her friends. Which is fine. Expect I picked this up because I wanted to read about parallel universes, not about Lillie and her two friends falling out.

So, sorry. I really wanted to fall for the this, but I just didn't click with it. Interesting idea, poor execution for me. But, like I say most times, this is only my opinion. I have read reviews on Goodreads and it's very mixed - some people love it and some don't (and their reasons are mixed on why). So, if this interests you, go for it! Just not my cup of tea, am afraid.

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