Saturday, 3 May 2014

RSM 2014

If you followed the blog since last year, I took a blog break throughout May. And, guess what, I fancy doing it again. Sorry for dropping it on you like this! So suddenly. I bet you are all like this: 

But I really think you guys are reacting like this:

So, my reasons. I liked the break I took last year. It was nice to read and not worry about how quickly I needed to write the review for the book. I knew it would be up in June and it didn't matter. Plus, it's my birth month so I want to celebrate it. 

Another reason is things have gone a bit mad at my end in the past few months - mad yet wonderful at the same time. So I wanted to have a tiny break where I didn't stress and I enjoyed it. 

Plus, it means I can spend more time reading and going all:

But you haven't got rid of me just yet. I am posting something tomorrow in aid for Countdown to 5th June and then that's it. You won't see me till June. 

Well, on here anyway. I will still be on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Goodreads. So, if you want to stay in touch, go to one of these. Actually, if all goes to plan, I shall be using my Facebook page to pick my next read so... CHECK IT OUT!!! It'll be something like...

So yes! Come back tomorrow for the guest post and scare my other outlets. So, let's leave you with a stupid gif and ENJOY! 

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