Friday, 23 May 2014

Cover Reveal - Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie

Again, I am breaking my RSM silence. I know, I am REALLY BAD at this! But I was asked if I wanted to be part of the Memoirs of a Neurotic Zombie by Jeff Norton and I jumped at it. I know - no will power!

Reason for this: when I was at the Faber's Blogger's Event earlier this year, Jeff read a tiny snippet from this book and everyone in the room was howling with laughter! It's one of those books I knew I needed to read soon - and I HATE zombie books (as you are probably aware!)

So, I have a cover to reveal and, with special thanks from Hannah at Faber, I have a tiny snippet to reveal to you! Also, if you want to read more snippets, a bunch of us are doing this so visit either (deep breath time!): Readaraptor, The Overflowing Library, YA Yeah Yeah, Big Book Little Book, Winged Reviews, Fluttering Butterflies, Luna's Little Library, Wondrous Reads, Books4Teens, We Sat Down, Choose YA, Day Dreamer's Thoughts, Cheezyfeet Books, Bookbabblers, Feeling Fictional, Book Zone and Much Loved Books.

That's right, 18 of us. We're not excited AT ALL!

Anyway, here's the cover and my titbit to get you guys excited!!! Enjoy!!!

1.       Of course, no one had thought to bury me with a set of house keys. When I finally made my way home, with the driest throat ever, I ding-donged the doorbell like I was trick-or-treating at my own house…and waited.

And waited.

It was a balmy Sunday morning. The gentiles were in church, Mom was in the back yard replanting her flowerbeds and Dad was probably on the fourteenth hole.

Ding Dong, I rang again.

Finally, the front door swung open and Mom just froze. She didn’t scream. She didn’t faint. She just stood there. I mean, she was probably expecting to be sold a box of girl guide cookies or sign a petition to put air bags in school buses, not to see her only son back from the dead – 100 per cent zombified.

Or, as I now like to say, zomtastic!

‘Adam, is…it…you?’ she stuttered, wiping the garden dirt on her jeans before reaching for a hug.

I put out my arms to hold her back. ‘oooh, Mom, maybe you should wash your hands properly,’ I said. But because my mouth was so dry, what came out was ‘Aaargh Uuurgh Ooooh.’

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