Wednesday 11 June 2014

GoodRead - The Testing Guide

I try and put my posts in the order I read them (am writing this on the first of June) but with this one, as it was such a fast read, I thought I would quickly slot this in here.

Plus, this was a free eNovella. FREE! And you guys know how much I love a bargain!

In this prequel to The Testing, we follow Zeen (the older brother to the trilogy's lead's, Cia) on his gradulation day and he finds out if he has been accepted for The Testing and to go onto University like his father did before him...

Ok, am going to say this here and now. I am VERY glad this was free because if I bought this, I would have been quite angry. Because this is very short. VERY short. It's around 18% of the download. The rest is the first three chapters of The Testing. Which is fine by me as I still haven't read this trilogy yet and I have been interested in this trilogy but I can't seem to get my hands on a copy of any of the books (and I want the physical books as the UK editions are super shiny!).

And this trilogy sounds interesting. The Hunger Games or Legend by Marie Lu but with education being the vocal point rather than entertainment and revolution.

Anyway, the novella. It sets up the world in the trilogy nicely and, as I am interested in the trilogy, it did wet my appetite. However, it was such a short read and not much really happens that, if you were not curious about the trilogy and you solely read this, you might feel quite disappointed and not read further.

But I do want to go further with this trilogy and reading this got my use to Joelle's writing style. But we shall see if I actually get my hands on a copy of The Testing...


  1. I'm excited to know what you think of this book, I absolutely loved it!

    1. I need to get my hands on a copy but it sounds like something I could very easily fall in love with... We shall wait and see...