Sunday 1 June 2014

RSM - The Return of Me


Oh. That's a joke, right? You really missed me...

Oh. I see. Well, am going to annoy you with what I have been doing the last month.

So, why did I have a break? I had to go to a christening, celebrate my birthday (yes, I am one year older and my family are already plotting the horror that will be my next birthday - SAVE ME!!!) and just got my head round the weirdness yet fun over the last few months. And DVD binging! Mainly on Friends, Frozen (AT LONG LAST!) and Murder She Wrote (was given a boxset for my birthday. I asked for it, and I REGRET NOTHING!!!). Oh, and I bought the boxset of all 3 seasons and the movie for Veronica Mars (a show I have NEVER seen, but plan to correct soon...)

And this is me while watching them (or will be in Veronica Mars's case)...

So, in the next few months, my reviews are going to be either coming very fast or I will make myself a month or so ahead of the blog on my reading! So, we shall see! But I promise not to write blog posts on Murder She Wrote. Well, not unless you want me to...

But I'm back. And I promise not to leave the blog for a while. So, let's celebrate and I'll see you when I get back into the swing of it! PARTY TIME!!!

What am I saying! TO THE BOOKS!!!

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