Thursday 5 June 2014

My Independent Bookshop

As most of the UK Book bloggers know, a new social website was launched in May. My Independent Bookshop ( is a joint venture with Penguin Random House and where you open up your own "independent bookshop". When you do, you link it to a real independent book shop (through the Hive network).

Here is where the exciting bit happens. When someone visits your shop and buys a book through your shop, a tiny percent of the sale goes to the real independent book shop.

I love this idea. I think it's a great idea. A place where you show books you love/hate/are going to read/etc and it helps saves independent bookshops. It's a win win (but if you live near an independent bookshop, please shop there also).

And, as you can guess, I have one of these stores - - and my store is connected to Just Imagine in Chelmsford (their website is here and their Hive page is here). And I have plans...

If you go the "shop" now, you will see a few books I like/love. Just a few to hit the ground running. And I have plans.

Every now and then (maybe every month, maybe every now and then, who knows!), I'm going to change the shop shelves about. I want to do themes. Novellas, Christmasy reads, Scary reads for Halloween, Under the Radar, Books in my TBR pile, Fave Books Book Bloggers/Vloggers I Love (this idea I still to work out - I wasn't sure if this idea is worth following through as I would like to email everyone and go "What do you think?").

But one of my ideas involves you. You guys rock and you guys always seem to have good taste. So, I was think you guys can tell me which book/books you want me to highlight on the shop with a few words about the book. Then, in afew months time, I shall show them off.

So, wanna take part? All you need to do if fill in your first name, your Twitter Name, the book title (and the author) and a few words about the book. And that's it. I will tweet and blog about YOUR picks when I do it...

So, here's the form. Fill it in once. Fill it in a ton of times! I can't wait to see books you picks!


  1. Loved this post- My Indie Bookshop is such an amazing site! I set up my own ( a few days ago for my fave Sci-Fi and Fantasy books, but I'm still yet to finish it. :) Yours is awesome! :D

    1. Why, thank you *blushes* I do plan on refreshing the shelves every now and again - let's highlight books for toddlers under YA Street *evil cackles*

      Just favoruited your store! I so need to read all of your choices! I have Bone Season and Banished waiting for me on my To Be Read shelf...