Wednesday, 2 July 2014

GoodRead - Darkness Hidden

Just before I go any further, I have to state two things. One, the first book in Zoe Marriott's Name of the Blade trilogy, The Night Itself, was one of my favorite reads of last year. So, very high expectations for this book. And second, when Victoria at Walker Books sent me this, I squealed and started reading this that night.

No pressure, then.

After the terrifying ending of The Night Itself, Mio, Jack and Shiobu bet all the odds and defeated Nekomata. But Mio is still compelled to protect the katana, her family's ancestral sword. And now the katana's voice is in her head, trying to turn her into its puppet.

And when things can't get worse, a plague is sweeping through London and there's something very wrong with Jack's sister, Rachel...

With all this pressure piling on Mio, she soon begins to wonder a horrible truth: she might not be able to save all the people she love. A sacrifice might have to be made... But will she go through with it?

I adore The Night Itself and Darkness Within lived up to every expectation I had. It was gripping, fast paced and had so many twists in it, I never felt bored when reading this. So much so, I kept tweeting the author going "It can't get worse than this, can it?".

I just fell into this world almost as quickly as I did when I read The Night Itself.

This is Zoe's most personal book (she says so in the acknowledgements) and you can feel how much this book means to her.

But yes, this book! THIS BOOK! THIS SERIES!!! I adore this trilogy and I need to read the third and final book, Frail Mortal Heart, when it comes out next year. I NEED to know how this trilogy is going to end (That and read Shadows on the Moon)! If you haven't read this trilogy, you really should.

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