Wednesday 16 July 2014

GoodRead - Inside Divergent Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity

Ok, I am trying something new here. I am putting together two short-ish reviews on two books I got from two lovely publishers (thank you HarperCollins and Quirk). The main reason for this is because I'm not certain I could write "real" reviews on them so am hoping this mini review mashup will do the trick!

The two books in question are Inside Divergent: The Initiate's World and How To Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity.

Inside Divergent: The Initiate's World is a small book that brushes over Veronica's Roth's dystopian Chicago. With photos from the movie, the book explains the five Factors, a few characters within the story and explains the steps the initiates take from the aptitude test to Choosing Day and beyond.

Ok, let me state this now. If you have read Divergent or the whole trilogy, you do not need this book. This book gives you information that you have already read from the trilogy. So, you don't need it. Borrow it from your local library if you can as you will want to see the photos used (my fave is on page 42 and 43, solely because of the woman's facial expression. Thank you nameless extra!)

However, if you haven't read the trilogy, then this book will help you get a better understanding of the movie. It doesn't matter if you wish to read this before you watch the movie or if you read this afterward your viewing, this helps give information that was either hinted at within the film or will help you get a better grip of why the film is the way it is.

A nice book with great photos, but more a must read for those curious over the movie than the people who have read the trilogy.

And now, How To Make Your Cat an Internet Celebrity. This book is giving you tips, advice and ideas on how to make your cat the next viral hit on the Internet and how you can become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

I have to admit this now, I was reading this and I was on the edge of a reading slump (I hate it when that happens!), but I really liked how this book has its tongue firmly in its cheek over all cat videos online. It was a fun read, coming from a place of "Hey, you're reading this because you love cats. So do I! Let's read about cats and plot world - ok, internet domination together!"

I love the photos in this book (one of this book's real advantages), but there was times I did feel like skimming it. Maybe it was because I did feel like I was going to enter a reading slump. Not sure why.

But this is a short, coffee-table book (Never thought I would be typing that) that you would give to that mad cat friend of yours or a great little stock-filler for Christmas (yes, I said Christmas. In July! OH DEAR HEAVENS, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME?!)

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