Sunday, 22 March 2015

GoodRead - Mistress of Souls

I'm not sure what made me return to the world of Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters. I think there has been some news linked to her son (which I have read and am totally on Michelle's side over. What to know more, go to her website and read the story up), and I thought "Sod that! I want to support her" and I did consider writing a blog post about this thorny topic. But I thought "Actually, if I reviewed her writing, that will work also... will it?"

Ok, it might not, but I went to my kindle and blitzed this, the second in the Prophecy of the Sisters enovella spin off, we follow Alice after the events of Prophecy of the Sisters (this eNovellas takes place between the first and second books in the Prophecy of the Sisters trilogy). Alice is alone in Birchwood, New York. She barely eats. She spends most of her time in the Otherworlds where the Souls welcome her and the demon Samael gives her companionship. But something unexpected happens. Something that surprises even herself. Her sister's fiancee, James, and her feelings towards him.

I forgot how much I enjoyed Michelle's writing. It's easy to read and yet, it has this Gothic quality to it that fits this Victorian setting. And she made me get excited for this series again - a series I never finished (reading slump in 2012 really threw me and I haven't got books 2 or 3 in this trilogy. I know, I suck).

It was also interesting to read from Alice's point of view. While Lia was our heroine and who was meek yet strong of will, Alice was loud, headstrong and yet the "bad girl" in this situation (till the end of Prophecy of the Sisters, when she did something unforgivable). But here, we see a different side of Alice. A more fragile, lonely girl who is just trying to find herself and to find acceptable from the people around her. But she's not exactly doing the right way...

While this doesn't redeem her, I found I understood her a little better, and I feel believe enough to go back to this series and try again. If not, read the third and final eNovella in this spinoff series, Rise of the Souls that takes place after the trilogy's end (which I have on my kindle). But yes, I liked this and I will be returning to Michelle's writing soon...

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