Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Ok, this isn't my normal blog post. This isn't a review or a booky type post. It's a real life type of blog - which is very rare on this blog, I know.

Here's the thing. For the rest of this month (and maybe next month as well), I might not be as active on the blog/Facebook's Fan Page/Twitter. I feel kinda guilty for saying this as I had plans for the next few weeks. I had plans! I wanted to read a lot of crime books, get back into my Harry Potter ReReading Challenge, try and read books as part of the Point Horror Book Club and the Bookish Brits Book Club while still trying to discover new books in YA and adult fiction.

But life has got in the way.

Reason: I HAVE A KITTEN!!!

His name is Bagheera and he's only 6 weeks old. AND HE'S SO SMALL!!!

Now, I would show you pics, but I feel oddly weird about doing that. So, here is a gif (or seven) of Bagheera from the Jungle Book and random cat gifs!

Oh no. This is going to turn into a blog about owning a cat, isn't it? 

Yes, so I own a kitten and for the next few months, they are quite high maintenance so my blogging will probably get more all over the place. Not sure what this means for my other duties (aka Bookish Brits) so please, bear with me. This is the same with my reading so I might have to be more ruthless over what I am reading and when I give up a book I'm not feeling...

*eyes my current reads of A God In Ruins by Kate Atkinson and Arsenic for Tea by Robin Stevens*

But for the next few weeks/months, it's gonna be a bit of a write-off! Hope you guys are ok with this sudden change in plans!

Now, I was going to end of this gif (because I had this an hour or so ago)...

But, instead, am going to end it with this. You guys are...


  1. You have to share pictures....even if it's on twitter!!!!

    1. Soon... I need a cute pic first. And I have so many... But I want one with a book

  2. I agree with Michelle, I want to see cute kitten pics too please :-)