Thursday 29 October 2015

Out of Orbit Tour - Tunes to Type To!

Today, I would like to welcome Chele Cooke onto the blog! Chele is the author of the sci-fi dystopian series, Out of Orbit, and the celebrate the release of the third and final book in the series, Rack And Ruin, Chele is taking over my blog today, chatting about music she listened to while writing this trilogy.

But before I hand it over to Chele, I just want to give you guys a heads-uo. Chele (and the tour PR person, Faye) wanted me to point out that there is a contest happening AS WE SPEAK! One winner can will the trilogy in paperback (with a £25 Amazon credit) and ten more will win the trilogy in eBook format. So, if you fancy entering, go for it! Go to and goo luck to you!

Also, before Chele takes over, I want to thank Chele for taking time out for writing this post and pointing out new music for me to discover (always like new music) and for Faye to asking me to be involved. Ok, all done so all yours, Chele!

When I was a teenager, I could write to anything. These days I look back and wonder how in the world I managed it, as I certainly can’t do that now. For the last few years, my writing environment has been a lot more regimented and I get a lot more done when I’m in my own little bubble. Whether it’s having a more office orientated work space, or writing at the ideal time (which, for me, is in the evening,) I am a lot more productive when I have organised the right environment for myself.

This includes having the right music for the project I’m working on. I have a number of playlists set up, not only for the mood I’m in (and they are named as such: Happy, Chilled Out, Dark,) but also for specific projects. The playlist for my paranormal series, TEETH, is vastly different from Sci-Fi dystopian OUT OF ORBIT. I have a lot of crossover, and favourite albums that will always get me in the creative mood, but in general, whenever I open the word document for a novel, I’ll already have my playlist ready to go.

The OUT OF ORBIT playlist is an interesting one. The story is very character driven, and while I have music that reminds me of the setting and story, I also have a lot of songs that are specifically related to the characters I’m writing. It’s now gotten to the point where I hear that song and I can’t stop thinking about the character I’ve attached it to.

For the most part, the music for the series is on the gritty side, but it comes from a wide selection of sources, music genres, and artists. The playlist is actually somewhere in the region of 50 songs, but I thought I’d give you the most significant 10.

  1. This Means War by Nickelback
This Means War is a perfect anthem for Out of Orbit as it is a song about a vastly uneven battle. The rhythm in it is perfect for getting in the mood to write a rebellion.

  1. Born to Lead by Hoobastank
This song is all about people who have been beaten down and trodden on and have now had enough. They’re fighting back, and I don’t think I could come up with a better song for the Belsa if I tried.

  1. Do you Hear the People Sing from Les Miserables
Again, I’m just on all the revolution anthems with this playlist. I use the version from the 2012 movie (I love Aaron Tveit’s voice singing Enjolras.)

  1. If I Didn’t Know Better by Sam Palladio and Claire Bowen
I’ve watched the show ‘Nashville’ since the beginning, and the partnership between Sam Palladio (Gunnar) and Claire Bowen (Scarlett) creates some stunning music. This song makes me think of a devil tempting an innocent, and inspires me for those dark and sinister conversations where Maarqyn tries to tempt Georgianna to save herself.

  1. If I Lose Myself by One Republic
There are a few revelations about the pasts of various characters in Out of Orbit, and Edtroka is no different. I can’t help but think of him when I hear this song about a man willing to risk it all as long as he has that one person next to him.

  1. Carry on my Wayward Son by Kansas
I don’t think I can hear this song without thinking of Supernatural, but it also reminds me of Keiran. He’s been a wayward son for a long time, and he deserves a little peace.

  1. Highway to Hell by AC/DC
For a character who was originally meant to be in about 5 chapters over the course of the series, Dhiren Flynn grabbed hold and wouldn’t let go. He’s a fire-cracker character and I enjoy writing him because he breaks my heart and makes me laugh in the same scene. But there is no doubt that, with his stubborn and occasionally murderous nature, he’d drive himself straight to hell if he could.

  1. How Far We’ve Come by Matchbox Twenty
Another of those end of the world anthems, Matchbox Twenty is the easiest music for me to write to. I’m so comfortable with their music that it drifts into the background, giving me something other than silence while my mind runs free from distraction.

  1. Accoustic #3 by The Goo Goo Dolls
I adore this song. It’s beautiful and heart breaking and makes me think of Jacob Stone, who is one of my quiet favourites.

  1. Everybody Hurts by R.E.M
This song is one that will make me tear up pretty much every time I listen to it. There is a such a relatable pain in the lyrics and slow and gentle melody. I had this song on repeat while writing two scenes in Rack and Ruin… but obviously I’m not going to tell you which ones until you’ve read it.

There are a lot more songs on the Out of Orbit playlist. I even have an entire album on there, but these were the ones that have stood out for me, bringing the different characters and the setting of the story to a different medium, and making it a lot easier to lose myself in a completely different world.

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