Wednesday 20 July 2016

Book Review - Mango & Bambang: The Not-A-Pig

I randomly got this when I was at Walker Book's #InkSlingersPicnic (you can read my write-up on the event here). On a table within the food/drink room, was some books Walker Books left out for us to take if they called us. This was one of the books on the table which, at the very last moment, I grabbed because... well... not sure why. I think it was because of the colour. Maybe it's because I saw someone else pick it up and thought "Why have I not seen that before". Maybe it's because I thought "I don't really read any books for younger readers. I really should. Oh, this and its sequel look perfect"  Or maybe it was because I sensed that I will need light, fun read.

Mango Allsorts is a girl who is good at all sorts of things. Bambang is a tapir - not a pig - who travelled from the jungle to the city. When the two meet at a zebra crossing (after Bambang got scared over the noise of the city), a friendship between the two begins and the adventures they have together become more fun when you're doing them with a friend.

This is a short and quite delightful book, good for kids aged from around 5/6 upwards. With four short stories within this book (each are quite short), this is a book I feel would be perfect for children to read out loud or to read together with a adult. The stories are sweet and simple for younger readers. The illustrations that are on every page fits perfectly with the story and with the use of a very small colour palette (black, white and grey with a splash of colour - in this book, it's lilac. In the second volume, it's red and in the third, pale blue).

I really like this and I think little ones will devour this. Now... onto book two! 

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