Tuesday 26 July 2016

Book Review - Introducing Teddy

I've been aware of this book for a while. Am surprised that the publication of this went by without me knowing as when I first heard of this, I knew I had to read it and rave about it. It was Chouett who did a review on this and reminded me that this got published. Because of my excited tweet, the lovely Liz at Bloomsbury sent me a copy for review (with a rainbow bow tie. Which I think I might wear just to annoy some friends at their wedding... Maybe...). My thanks goes to Liz for this.

Errol and Thomas the teddy bear are best friends and play together every day. But one morning, Thomas is sad and Errol is worried. Even the swings at the park cheer Thomas up. Thomas has a secret that he wants to share, but it's difficult to say and he's scared Errol won't want to be his friend anymore...

Not going to say more, as this is quite a hard and yet easy book to review. This is a picture book and it's wonderful. It's charming and heart-warming and all that goodness that tackles issues little ones need to know such as acceptance, friendship and being true to yourself.

I fear this book might upset some parents as it tackles an LGBT theme (won't say what, but some parents might feel it's unacceptable for their child), but I think every child should read this. The world is a dark place at the moment, and we need a little more love, tolerance and acceptance.

I know this isn't much of a review. Like I said earlier on, this is a hard book to review and yet, remarkably easy. It's simply charming and heart-warming.

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