Tuesday 13 June 2017

Disney Villains Takeover Wrap-Up

This is a quickie wrap-up post for the Disney Villains Takeover blog tour! I think the evil, vile, wickedness we have created the past few days is enough from us (for now... though, with the world being as it is, we might have to band together and either spread love, peace, unity [like the bloggy Avengers] or join together and be more wicked [like Suidice Squad - but better than the movie]. Because, remember... 

So, as this is a wrap, I better give you all the links of everyone's posts and be evil about it! So, let's get those flying monkeys started! 

Friday 9th June

Saturday 10th June

Sunday 11th June

Monday 12th June

You might noticed that a few of my villains - Chouett, LiveOtherwiseTales of Yesterday - had to deal with the tyranny of real life (you thought I was going to say Chernabog, didn't you?) but they will try and post something in the near future so keep your eyes peeled on them! 

But now I said Chernabog, I better use a gif of him... 

Now I want to watch Fantasia... For Cernabog and the ballet hippos. THE HIPPOS!!! 

Again, I want to thank everyone for taking part in this tour. You guys are wicked and I thank you all. Now, let's be badass and sign out in an epic way! 

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