Thursday 8 June 2017

Disney Villains Takeover

Because I suck at creating a blog tour banner (nothing ever looked right! Maybe I set myself too high a standard!), this is it. Me explain my mini-blog tour between a few lovely, kind hearted heroes and saviours... ok, maybe not heroes and saviours. For this weekend, let's call ourselves villains in training...

This, my lovelies, is the Disney Villain Takeover! Over the next four days (Friday 9th to Monday 12th), a bunch of wicked bloggers, vlogger and authors are joining together to chat about ... well... Disney Villains, of course...

Now, I must thank everyone for taking part in this madcap idea of a blog tour! It was wonderful for you all to say yes (and no poison apples to tempt you either!). I asked them to write/record a post about a villain of their choice and they could write whatever they liked! So... this is going to be interesting for me to read as well as you guys who fancy following the tour...

Friday 9th June

Saturday 10th June

Sunday 11th June

Monday 12th June

My post is going to be a villain in itself and lurk in the background, buying its time. But I sense Sunday. But thank you again to everyone taking part and I hope you guys like the tour when it kicks off tomorrow! 

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