Thursday 13 July 2017

eBook Review - The Cat Who Saw Red

Years and year ago, I read a random crime-lit book from my local library. I liked the cover and it had cats at its heart. So, with me discovering the crime genre, I read it and I had fun. I can't remember a thing about it but it was fun. That book was called The Cat Who Read Shakespeare.

Fast forward to the present day and, for no reason, I went on my kindle and randomly searched this series up. And some of them on sale for 99p. So, after quickly annoying Twitter with a poll and chatting to a few people about this series (did you know that the author wrote the first three in the 1960s but didn't write the fourth till the mid-1980s?), I bought two: this title (the fourth in the series) and The Cat Who Went Underground (the ninth).

When the local newspaper he works for makes him the food critic, Qwill decides to go to Maus Haus, a boarding house with a restaurant. There, he meets an old flame, Joy, her husband and a mix of characters. When he discovers there's an apartment to read at the boarding house, Qwill decides to take it and move in with his two Siamese cats, Koko and Yum Yum.

But things at Maus Haus aren't happy. Joy's marriage is strained and, after she ask Qwill for some money to get a divorce lawyer, she vanishes. Everyone, including the husband, aren't that concerned. But Qwill can't shake off the feeling that Joy is dead, as that night, he heard a scream and a car driving away...

Ok, I knew when I started reading this that this book is a Sunday night crime. It's cosy crime. It wasn't going to be too taxing and with the last few books, having something I could switch my brain off while reading was a nice change.

This isn't perfect, mind. I wouldn't go out and buy all the books in the series. Because this book (and the others in this series, I sense) was a cosy crime and wasn't taxing, I never really invested in the story. The characters felt a little flat at times and, I kinda always thought who the bad guy was. I didn't know how or why they did it, but I always went "It's you".

The best way to describe this book is the same way I kinda describe Dan Brown or James Patterson - this is an airport read. You buy them at the airport, read on holiday and you either leave it in the hotel room when you leave or you give to a charity shop when you get back.

I am going to read The Cat Who Went Underground. But not yet. First, I need to finish The Invasion of the Tearling, which I have been reading on and off since the end of May. I did say back then that it was going to be my book on the side, but now I feel ready to commit to it now. BRING IT ON!

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