Tuesday, 4 July 2017

eNovella Review - Marine Biology

I only came across this by fluke. I was randomly listening to a podcast called Breaking the Glass Slipper and on one episode, they had Gail Carriger on. She was talking about writing comedy is fantasy/sci-fi genre. This reminded me that, years ago, I read one of her novels, Soulless (review's here. I went back to find it - and it was back in 2013!) and really enjoyed it. At the same time, I saw a book blogger pal of mine, Sarah from Feeling Fictional read and added this to her Goodreads and I thought "Perfect. Can read this super fast as it's a novella and decide if I want to go back and reread Soulless."

In this novella, Alec is a marine biology with secrets. He's a werewolf that doesn't fit in with his fellow pack members and he's gay. But when his Alpha asks him to liaison between two merfolk over a possible criminal activities due to the selkie mafia, he can't exactly say no. And with one of the merfolk being Marvin, an outrageous flirt, Alec might have his work cut out.

This is a easy, fun, cute M/M read. It's not too taxing and I was smiling while reading it. Because it's a short novella (around 11,000 words), these wasn't much fleshing out of characters/mythologies but this does serve neatly as a get-in into the San Andreas Shifters series with the first, The Sumage Solution, coming out in the next few weeks.

Not sure if I will read The Sumage Solution but this novella was a nice change for me as, the last few weeks, been reading quite long, heavy books. But I kinda want more... maybe I will have to check The Sumage Solution out...

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