Monday 4 June 2018

Say Hi To Eric The Spider

I'm thrilled to welcome author and illustrator, Elaine Madle and Shaun Madle, onto the Pewter Wolf, as part of the Eric The Spider blog tour. 

... no, wait! COME BACK! Eric is a friendly spider! Honest! Though he does like to have an adventure or two. One involving him stealing a sock, flee a birthday party and go camping one very wet day!

Now, as you have probably guested, this is a rhyming book with fun illustrations, a little younger than what I normally read, but I couldn't resist saying yes when Faye from Faye Rogers PR asked me.

Plus, as I discovered a day or two ago, the author Elaine lives in my home county so YEAH!

So, before I hand it over to past me with my questions to Elaine and Shaun, I just want to thank Faye for asking me to be involved in the tour and thank both Elaine and Shaun for taking time to answer me questions.

Now, over to the Q&A!

Who is Eric the Spider? 
Everyone knows a friendly, cheeky, chappy who is always willing to help.

What comes first: story, illustrations or a blend of the both? 
Elaine wrote the stories first, then we worked together designing the illustrations to fit the story.

How much input do you have of each other's work? 
We help each other if needed.

Most people are afraid of spiders. How do you find a balance of drawing a spider without making him scary?
I tried a few styles to begin with ask around then settled on one

What are your future plans for picture books? (i.e. will there be more Eric or will we meet someone new - if you can tell us!)
We are working on another collection of Eric adventures. Coming soon.

Is it easy to work together?
We’re Brother and Sister, most of the time we agree

Which of Eric's adventures is your favourite? Do you agree on this or do you have different answers?
My is Eric’s goes camping.  Elaine’s is Eric and the Cirus (which is in the next book)

Do you have any bad habits that you do while writing/illustrating? (i.e. drinking all the biscuits without sharing!)

I like a glass or of wine while illustrating, Elaine prefers Tea.

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