Tuesday, 24 November 2020

NetGalley November - Snowbound At The Manor

I can already hear you going “OMG! Andrew, are you feeling well? You’re reading a straight-up romance novel. And not only that, it’s a Mills And Boon!”. And yes, it is. I have several that I requested from NetGalley (a mix of Mills and Boon Modern, Medical & True Love) as well as a bunch of other romances (both straight and gay), but after 2020 being what it has been, I think we all needed something fun, silly and us just knowing things are going to end happily (so, yeah, you are going to see a lot of romance stories over the next few weeks. Sorry/not sorry in advance)

Title And Author: Snowbound At The Manor by Ellie Darkins
Publisher: Mills and Boon
Physical, eBook or Audiobook: eBook
Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Gifted by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review/write-up
Length: 192 Pages
Buy From (Affiliate): Bookshop UK

Jess doesn’t do Christmas. So, her escape before spending an awkward and tense Christmas with her parents is to spend a long weekend with her influencer friend in a Yorkshire Dales stately home. But heavy snowstorms have other plans. Jess turns up to the manor with roads behind her getting blocked by snow, her friend Lara is stuck in an airport and can’t get to the UK and, just when she thinks things can’t get worse, the power goes out and she discovers a man - the owner, Rufus - lying almost unconscious on the front doorstep with hypothermia… Looks like they’re going to be spending Christmas together… Let the snow fall and the sparks fly…

Like I said earlier and you guys know, I don’t read straight-up romance novels. I like fantasy and sci-fi and crime, but this year has pushed me into the genre and I found that these are wonderful escapism. Hence why I have several more on my TBR. 

And this was an easy escapism fun. It’s Christmas romance that you can see on a Christmas TV movie. It’ does exactly what it says on the cover. A Mills and Boon romance that ends with kissing, romance and a Happily Ever After. 

As a newbie to the genre, I’m not exactly sure if this is compared to other Mills and Boon (heads up, I have 3 more and other books within the romance genre so I will find out), but this was a fun, easy candy-cane of a read. If you are a fan of Mills and Boon stories or romance in general, this might be up your street. 

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