Thursday 18 March 2021

eBook Review - Stud

This series is such fun (a surprise discovery during Covid-19 UK lockdown of last year. I mean, have you not been following me on here or any of my social medias?), and when the last book in the series, Screwed, came out last year, I was kinda sad that the series was over. 

Until the author announced she had plans to possibly write three more instalments, maybe more. I got excited so when it was revealed that the first in the new instalments followed two characters I have been secretly rooting for since their introducing in the second instalment, Nailed, West and Sawyer, I got very excited. Hang on, let me get details up so you know where I'm at. 

Title And Author: Stud by K.M. Neuhold

Publisher: Self-Published

Physical, eBook or Audiobook: eBook 

Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Bought

Length: 301 Pages

Ever since West met Sawyer, he has been asking him out. Each time, Sawyer gently refuses. But since West last asked Sawyer out (and Sawyer said no. After the two shared one hot kiss.), and the two have become close friends. When West decides to finally get back into dating, Sawyer's reaction surprises himself: he sabotages West's dates. He might not be ready to admit to West or himself that he has feels for a guy 15 years his junior, but he doesn't want West to date anyone else, either.

I have loved West since his introduction in Nailed as Dare's nephew and have rooted for him and Sawyer to get together since their first meeting, so this has been a long time coming. And I enjoyed myself hugely with this, but there are things in here that didn't work and I felt a little though am not a fan of the whole Sawyer sabotaging West's dates and everything thinking it's cute and adorable. It's not. Really, it's not. I felt very uncomfortable over it. Plus, why is West the mature one in this relationship when he is in the mid-twenties and Sawyer is around fifteen year's his senior (a detail I don't believe was mentioned in any of the previous instalments of the series), and yet he's the one acting like a jealous teenager and not West?

Sorry, had to get that rant out of my system. But I did like the story and the relationship. I liked how it was a friends to lovers romance (this takes place 3 years after their first meeting and Stud's prologue takes place two years prior while at Cole and Ren's wedding [and Ollie & Daniel's very drunk wedding] as seen in Screwed) with little/no angst, and once West and Sawyer both realised they liked each other, I like the sweetness between them (and, though I ranted in the above paragraph, I liked that it was the older of the couple that had worries and not the younger).

I, also, liked the friendship between West and Miller (who we meet in, I think, Hardwood but might be misremembering) and I can't wait to read his story (I hope him being transgender isn't going to be the "conflict" of his story because, if so, I will DNF this series so fast!). And am intrigued on new character, Apollo, who had very little screen time but I sense will be a character I could love.

But this series is a comforting series and I get that some of you guys might find it a tad sugary, but I really enjoy this series and can't wait to read the next few instalments. Or maybe a reread of Caulky (the first and my favourite of the series) is in order...

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