Wednesday 31 March 2021

Easter Blog Break Time

A few weeks back, I wanted to do a big blog post about the arts. How the arts as a whole (books, TV, film, radio, museums, theatres, etc) are an escape from the world (and we need escape because of the last 12-18 months and, probably, more than ever in the next 12-24 months). But that the arts is a mirror to the world around us. 

And how the world around us affects art and how art effects the world. And, due to that, how it affects us with our sleep, work, relaxation, etc. 

And oh, the plans I had to write this went flying out of the window due to the everything that has happened in the world the past few weeks, and how it affected my reading choices and my energy to blog (something I have been struggling with since last year, though I am getting my groove back). So much so, I've just decide that "Ok, I am going to take my Easter Blog Break a few weeks earlier than planned". 

Yes, dear reader, I'm taking a little longer Easter Blog Break. Only an extra week or two. If I change it to the whole month of April (which is strangely tempting), will let you know but, at the time of writing, I'll be back in early/mid April and I have plans to scare you with a ton of really un-me books and other themed blog posts (I have ideas but I need to, you know, actually write them!). If you follow me on my social medias (mainly Goodreads or Twitter), you know I have been making some really questionable choices with my reading/audiobooking in the past few months: some have worked, some not so much, and some I DNFing and quit for one reason or another (at the time of writing this, I am on verge of quitting another book. That makes it... er... seven stories I have DNFed so far in 2021. Eight if I DNF current read). 

Speaking of DNF/quitting reads, I know I have said this multiply times, but it's ok to quit a story if you're not liking it. It might be "Right Book, Wrong Time" (several of my quit reads have been that, meaning I will return to them one day when I am ready). It might be something rubs you up the wrong way (yep, I've had this as well this year). Or it might be "Oh no, this book isn't for me AT ALL" (we're all had this!). But DNFing/quitting a read for whatever reason is ok. It's ok to quit something you don't like and move onto something you do. 

Plus, the break is more due to the fact the books I want to read/am currently reading or audiobooking are going to take a little longer to read/audiobook than normal. This is a mix of story's length or the fact the story is in a genre I am not well read in. Plus, I do want to do some rereads and I want to not have the blog fear lurking over my head. 

So, yeah, I am taking a bit of a break. But don't worry. I will be back and, hopefully, the Pewter Wolf will be giving you book suggestions you will be desperate to read and a few other posts/ideas that you won't be expecting...

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