Sunday 21 March 2021

Spotlight - Healers: Secrets of the Academy

Last minute spotlight alert! I only decided to get involved in this tour late last night when Erik from BreakEven Books did a call out. And so, going in blind, I said yes and decided to go with whatever happens next. 

And here we are! Brace yourselves for this is new territory. Even for me! And here was me thinking today was a good day because the first episode of the new Line of Duty is out tonight! 

Now, not going to reveal much in the post (this tour is going to take place over the next few days and I don't want to spoil anything), so let me touch on what Healers: Secrets of the Academy by L. L. Smith is about.

The students of SalVaneerie Academy face a gruesome end at the hands of Shadow Knights! 
This army of mysterious and hollow Knights close in from the Dark Forest surrounding their campus. Healers, Warriors, and Brains; Must band together to repel these Shadow Knights and uncover their peculiar origins. Will Nicole amass enough friends to repel the attack? Will Hunter be able to overcome his performance anxiety? Will Theodore be able to discover the truth he seeks?

Like I said earlier, I'm not going to spoil too much so, what I am going to do is tease you with a few lines from the book, info on the author and info/links to other stops in this tour. So, shall we get started with the teaser and the author's details? 

“What the hell is wrong with you people?” Drake kept his sword drawn as he shouted. “What the hell kind of training was that!”

“Watch your tongue, you louse!” Ralph shouted.

“Are you volunteering to go next?” Hunter’s calm words erupted the volcano of Drake’s rage.

“What?” Drake jabbed his sword toward Hunter.

“Perhaps you’re confused by our training method?” Hunter questioned.

L L Smith: small-town living and music binging. Self published two books deep and counting. He's ready to share some laughs, gasps, and tears with reader folk from all walks of life! He can be found on instagram at and you can buy Healers on at

If you want to continue on this blog tour, all the dates and info of where to go are below. It is a nice mix of book blogs and booktube. If you are reading this the day this post goes live (Sunday 21st March 2021), the author is doing a livestream with Erik on BreakEven Books YouTube at, I think, 8pm EST (so around midnight/1am Monday morning UK time, but catch up will be available). 

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  1. Thanks so much for participating in the tour!! Your post is great. You are definitely a natural at writing :)