Tuesday 7 February 2023

Audiobook Review - The Couple In The Cabin

This has been sitting on my Audiobook To Be Read Shelf for quite some time. And after I finished dipping in and out of my last audiobook from library (Listen to Me by Tess Gerritsen. Which I am currently reading, FYI, as I enjoy reading Tess Gerritsen novels rather than audiobook, but I got a good way into it), I wanted some short and fast to listen to as I have requested a LOAD of audiobooks from my local library this month and I wasn’t in the mood to start a podcast binge (that will be next month, I suspect).

So, I plumped for this, which has a precise that sounds deliciously twisted.

Title and Author: The Couple In The Cabin by Daniel Hurst
Publisher: Bookouture
Bought, Gifted or Borrowed: Audiobook gifted by UK publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review/reaction.

Grace and Dominic have been married for quite some time and happily so. Or so Grace thinks. Instead of staying in a hotel after a work’s event as she planned, she comes home to discover Dominic’s clothes thrown on the floor – as well as women’s clothes. Not her clothes, but someone else’s. There, she discovers the two in his work-cabin at the bottom of the garden and, without thinking, she locks the naked pair in. Then, she goes back into the house, goes to bed and then, in the morning, goes to work as if nothing has happened…

Well, this is an addictive audiobook listen. I whizzed through this so fast, even I’m a little surprised how I flew through this. And on a normal speed – who knew?!

It’s one of those holiday thrills that you read by the pool or beach and you just can’t stop as it’s so much fun. I had so much fun with this. The writing was gripping, the narrators of the audiobook were ace, and the twists and reveals were out of left field but they just worked. Yes, some of the twists were easy to see coming and, at times, this does edge into the realms of the ridiculous (the couple trapped in the cabin are naked THROUGHOUT the entire story. Something I had to remind myself over every few chapters), but that didn’t take away from my enjoyment.

I think back to my reading/audiobooking of Fairest by Marissa Meyer, where the lead is telling their version of events, believing they are the hero of this story and you, as the reader, believe them until several very subtle things happens and you release that, even though they still believe they are the hero, they’re actually the villain, and it’s almost the same here. At the start, readers have clear lines of who’s the victim is here, but as the story progresses and we hear from both Grace and Dominic – both in the present and several chapters from their pasts – you begin to release that the line might not be as clear cut…

I have two more of this author’s works on my radar – The Holiday Home and The Doctor’s Wife – and if they are anything like The Couple In The Cabin, I am going to be in for a thrill.

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