Wednesday 15 February 2023

Audiobook Review - The Doctor's Wife

I feel that, maybe, I should have saved this for next week or maybe an audiobook-themed month (oh, that's an idea!), but after binging The Couple in the Cabin by Daniel Hurst (write-up for that that can be found here) and with a few library audiobooks on my Reserve list (all linked to books or titles that I should have reviewed by now!), I decided to risk a quick list to another Daniel Hurst thriller audiobook in the hopes that this would another edge of my seat list and, maybe, that this author might be a new Auto-Buy author... 

Title and Author: The Doctor's Wife by Daniel Hurst
Publisher: Bookoutre Audio
Bought, Borrowed or Gifted: Audiobook gifted by UK publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review/reaction

Dr Drew Delvin and his wife, Fern, have moved out of Manchester and into a small village for a fresh start. Well, that's what Drew has told his wife. But that's not true. For you see, the doctor isn't as honest and trustworthy as he wants you to be. Not with his marriage and not with his job and duty of care either. 

He thinks his wife knows nothing. How very wrong he is... and he has no idea what Fern is planning... 
Because I had listened to Couple In the Cabin so quickly before I dived into Doctor's Wife, I had no idea what I was going to get myself into. All I knew what that this was going to move at breakneck speed almost off the bat, and that's what happened here. After the first chapter from both Fern and Drew's POV (narrated on the audiobook by Sarah Durham and David Wayman), you realise that both characters aren't exactly nice people and you're not sure who you want to survive the book as, you know almost straight way, one of the them isn't going to survive. 

Like I said when I wrote Couple In The Cabin, it is an addictive thriller that you can read on holiday by the pool. Yes, you do have to throw your logical brain out of the window a good way into the book as there are breakneck twists that you go "Wait, hang on..." but you get caught up with the soap-opera twists and you are just waiting to see what happens next. It's one of those reads that I could very easily stay up way past my bedtime to read. 

There are things in here that are a little upset and triggering (murder, abuse of power, adultery, stalking behaviour, malpraticice). There was one moment in the book involving Drew and another character where I completely lost my temper with. I was so angry over an action he did that I nearly crashed my car as I was driving home from work. 

Yes, some of the twists are ridiculous and yes, this isn't going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I enjoyed myself and I can't wait to readDaniel Hurst's upcoming title, The Holiday Home, in the coming weeks. 

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