Sunday 19 February 2023

February's Reading Struggle

With all the best plans, I have failed my reading plans for this month of having you guys pick my reads via polls. I did it on Twitter at the beginning of month and you all chose Poison Study by Maria V Snyder. Let me pop it up so you can see.

Poison Study is one of my "I must read These 12 This Year" books, and I have had this on my kindle's To Read list for YEARS! It was one of my first purchases when I got my first ever kindle - I kid you not - so I was excited to read it. 

... And I stopped within the first few chapters because I wasn't in the right headspace. Ok, I thought to self, that's no biggie. Put it down and come back to it at a later date. Ok, let me try The Lighthouse by Alex Bell. I didn't get the end of the second chapter. Ok, I told myself, let me try again. Why not an audiobook? Oh, The Only Suspect by Louise Candlish is available on my library audiobook app and that sounds gripping. And it was... until I realised that I wasn't enjoying myself a good 25% into the book. Ok, let me try The Curious Case of the Alperton Angels by Janine Hallett. I really want to try her as you all LOVE her. 

33% in and I can't warm to it. I am going to come back to this, like with all the titles I have tried the past few weeks. 

But I am struggling with reading of late. And I did say I'm not going to pressure myself into reading, but this title is the one which upsets me that I'm not connecting with. 

But this year, I said I want to enjoy my reading so not going to feel guilty about putting books on hold or quitting if I'm feeling "meh" over them. 

Onwards and upwards

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