Thursday, 20 August 2009

White Dusk - An Attempt to Write "Twilight" FanFic

Okay, I've tried twice to upload my attempted chapter for a Twilight FanFic I wrote ("White Dusk"), but seeing as my laptop isn't happen with me, I'm changing this entry slightly.

So, the basic plot. Last year, I was dared to write a Twilight Saga Fanfic (sense a pattern forming within last few blogs) and I decided to have a go. I thought it would be fun to write something light after writing and editing my last writing project.

So, I thought of plot, new characters, lines characters could say, chapter titles, listen to podcasts for titbits or advice and I tried to write it. I had a title I loved - "White Dusk" and two new characters - Alex and his soon-to-be stepbrother, Xavier - that I couldn't stop writing about!

But, I couldn't do it. For two reasons. First, from what I heard on podcasts, they were like real novels, with long chapters and meaty plots and weird pairings! In one reading of a fanfic, I thought Harry Potter was going to pop up then go, "Ooops! Sorry! Wrong Fanfic!" And the second reason was I felt uncomfortable writing with Stephenie Meyer's characters and I never felt like I wrote with they help. The only character I enjoyed writing with was Jasper and he couldn;t carry the story on his own. So I stopped.

But, I found my old notes and chapter attempt. Can't upload chapter, but can upload other stuff. So... Ready?


Apple (Twilight) - Alex picks up and holds apple while chatting to Cullens in chapter 2: New
Flower (New Moon) - In vase right before She [had no name for female baddie] attacks the Cullens and Alex.
Ribbon (Eclipse) - Bella or Renesmee tied hair back (can't see Rosalie doing it)
Chess (Breaking Dawn) - Carlisle & Esme/Edward playing a game

EASTER EGGS (Lines Characters Say)
Rosalie: “Oh, great. We're having another Bella situation.”

Jasper: “Alex, will be please calm down?”
Alex: “No, I bloody will not!”

Alex: “Who – what – are you?”

Alex: “I’m sorry, I just got nearly attacked by a scarily huge wolf with huge dagger-like teeth and you want to know what colour fur it had?! Seriously, Jacob, were you dropped on your head when you were a baby or something?”

Xavier: “When life gets you down, you know what you got to do?”
Alex: “Just keep swimming?”
Xavier: “I was going to say put your iPod on full volume and listen to Muse, but let’s go with Finding Nemo. Disney is never usually wrong.”

Xavier: “There are some things we’re not proud of. For example, I can’t say the words penguin and comment.”

Emmett: “You know what they say? Life’s a –"
Esme: “Language!”
Emmett: “Sorry.”

Alice: “Bella, would you stop whining and help me with this?”

Alex: "It's not a lion and lamb situation."

Alex: “Oh my God! Have I entered a JK Rowling novel or something?!”

Alex: “When did vampires and werewolves become suddenly popular?”

Alex: “My life sucks.”
Emmett: “And we haven’t started drinking your blood yet.”

Emmett: “Look who it is. It’s our resident Big Bad Wolf.”
Jacob: “I can pwn you if you’re not careful, leech.”
Emmett: “Bring it on then, mutt.”

Alex: "Sorry, but you guys have been together how long? Geez, get your rears in gear and just get married already!" (seconds later) "Do you have to do that? Bitter singleton over here."

Alex: “What are you doing?”
Edward: “Reading.”
Alex: “I can see that. Dare I ask who it’s by? Anne Rice or Bram Stoker?”
Edward: “If I hadn’t seen that one coming and thought it was actually funny, I would be laughing right now.”

Xavier: “Do you ever wonder why Mary and Bert never got it on Mary Poppins?”
Alex: “Oh, I don’t know. Why would Julia Andrews not get together with Dick Van Dyke, a guy with a name that is the butt of many jokes, who does a mind-numbing mid-afternoon TV show and has the worse cockney accent known to man? Honestly, I can’t see why she didn’t jump on him there and then.”

(My Fave Now) - Alex: "The stars are going out.”

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