Thursday, 27 August 2009

BeforeUGo (if You're on Twitter, Please Follow!)

Have I told you that I'm doing a side-project on Twitter?

I haven't? Really?

Right, this side-project is called BeforeUGo (I might rename it in the New Year) and it's mission is to discover and promote new music (Signed, Unsigned and Not Well-Known).

It's been going on for a month now and this is who we're recommended so far (All Brilliant Acts!):

The Sound of the Ladies -
Eliza Lumley -
Honey Ryder -
Gavin Osborn -

That's BeforeUGo recommendations. But the followers and the CurveBalls are suggested loads!

Paige Railstone
Joshua Radin
The Bird and the Bee

If you're on Twitter, follow! Please follow and suggest bands!


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