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Twitter Commentary for "Twilight"

One day earlier this year, I was bored (not dared, that's a first!) and I decided to do a commentary on film TWILIGHT. But I would use Twitter. No idea why - I just felt like I should do it. I had a blast with it (I might do it when I get Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince or another film. Suggestions below!)

So, read and laugh at my weirdness while watching a film. Enjoy!


Am going to watch Twilight (about time too!) - will tweet as I go. I wonder why @TSTPodcast or @TA_Podcast never did a "Twitter Commentary"?

"Full Moon" by the Black Ghost - LOVE THAT Song! Plus - did no one watch that bit and think "The Host"?!

BILLY BURKE!!! He's an awesome Charlie! I Could he be my Dad, if I ask nicely?

Here's the truck... and HERE'S JACOB!!! "It's getting worse with old age." (Taylor is a great choice - with his Jacob smile...)

Oh no... Bella doing sport... And There's MIKE! And Jessica...

I think I like Angela - and here they come...

All the couples are in white. *alice and jasper = awesome* And edward not in white... but loner blue...

Oh God, no... here is comes... the bad acting...

Edward + owl = angelic look... though angel wants to kill you, Bella...

I wonder what Bella was listening to on her iPod - "Eyes on Fire"? Muse? (Music for this film is wonderfully picked!)

She falls on cue perfectly - most TwiFans couldn't do that. We should be nicer to Kstewart

The Golden Onion?! WTF?!

(Sorry to all my followers who are HArry Potter fans - am part of both fandoms. Will do HP sometime in the future)

Oh, I like this bit to come...

Car accident - how I saw it in my head! Well done, Catherine! And the song - PERFECT START!!!

DOCTOR CULLEN!!! good choice - he was in Damages, wasn't he?

"I hope you enjoy disappointment." He delivers that all wrong.

Ooooh.... love the way Mike ask Bella to prom! He is SUCH a good actor!

"You can google it." (what?) XD

Why could they play up Alice and Jasper?! WHY DIDN'T THEY?!

Easter Egg with Apple! Am so happy they put that in!

Wow! They've kept so close with the book with some of the lines that characters say! You have to love the scriptwriter...

La Push - last scenes to be filmed. Let's see how buff Taylor is, shall we?

Flashback - nice earthy colour - hence the New Moon logo, maybe?

Don't drink and drive a boat, if you wish to live...

Perfect mouse movement on computer - *pulls face* (and they're sunbathing - IN MARCH!!! NO HEAT!!!)

"I Caught Myself" - why are they playing Jessica as a typical American Teen? "This dress makes my boobs look good!"

Oh, the bit of the book/film I really dislike - those guys almost about to... *shivers*

It's SUPEREDWARD To the Rescue!

Angela and Jessica's faces! HAHA!

Just thought - while they were in car, Edward laughed. he sounded like he was going to cry... can he cry?

OMG! The waitress does have a tattoo! I never noticed that before!

How the hell do they both know the square root of Pi?!

I would be freaking out if someone told me they could read minds expect mine... but No... not Bella!

At LAST! Bella twigs! (that website deals with countries then north west america... FLAW!)

OH GOD! this 360 degree camera shot! I HATE IT!!! I eff-ing HATE IT!!!

he sparkles - why do people have a problem with this? I think it works! I love the skin of a killer...

Lion and Lamb lines - was that said right, in your opinion?

Just noticed what when Edward sparkles, there's a Tinklebell sound! So where's Peter Pan?

MUTEMATH! If I am grateful for discovering one band because of this movie, it's this band!

Flashback two - Edward in pain! Poor Dr. Cullen. But Esme seem to be enjoying being bitten. That's because she loves him!


oh, the family... we meet them! AT LAST!

"Does she even Italian?" "Her name is Bella." (here comes the human)... 3,2,1 - Rosalie breaks the bowl.

"Bella and I are going to be great friends." (love AlicE! They should have played up the character! and jasper! So underused him!)

who's room is that down the hall? I think Esme and Caralise... (did I misspell that?)

They dancing to Debussy - so awkward. But important to show us that, me think.


!Why isn't Edward holding Bella as she climbs? She will fall to her death!

The shoot of the trees and lake – beautiful.

Why do they call Bella "Amazona"?

STEPHENIE MEYER!! Will she be in New Moon, one wonders?

Oh God! Bella's Mum/Mom - "Are you being safe?"

Oh God, got pins and needles in legs! OUCH!!! Oh, they're going to kiss...

Billy Burke - awesome actor! And great comic timing! "Bring him in."

Baseball + Muse = great choice! (I hope they play up Esme)

Jasper + baseball bat = some fanboy crush!

What is it with vampires and monkey?!?!?! (Rosalie must have heard edward saying Spider Monkey)

"The wicked curveball" - clever line for Victoria... but trouble is brewing... in 3, 2, 1...


b*TCH! Billy Burke acts this farewell scene so perfectly. He's so heartbroken... only time while watching film i actually Hate Bella!

I missed this in the cinema - she never said goodbye to her human friends.

Don't underestimate Victoria - please remember that, Edward...

601 tweet! Thank you Twilight Movie...

ANother Host shot!

Alice can draw? I thought that was Esme's thing?

Repeat the preface lines - or there abouts. Am happy about that...

Oh My God! That was hard to watch James break Bella's leg!

So, Edward can't kill James, but let Emmett and Jasper do your dirty work...

snow in the meadow?

"death is peaceful, easy. Life is harder." was that in the book? and if so, wherE?


and the battle scene on the TV behind Bella's Mom... NO WAY!!!

"Alice lent me the dress" - at least they did something to bella/alice's friendship...

Jacob - 3rd time's the charm! Or so you think... "and the woves descend" - NEW MOON hint!!!

"Flightless Bird, American Mouth" - beautiful song. Even my Mum likes this song!

and like that, the other dancers leave - ashamed of Edward's beauty?

oh... and what's this? someone's watching... and edward's can't hear her thoughts (or is too busy to hear)

it's... VICTORIA! Oh, her face! It's like "You're going to die" - then the hair comes down - and it's on!!!!

what's the song they playing over the credits?

HERE'S LINKIN PARK! I wonder where this song was?! I never knew they could do slow songs like "Leave Out All The Rest"

Oh god! They didn't spell Emmett's name wrong on the credits?! They spelt it right on subtitles and in the book! someone screwed up!

And mixed Linkin Park with Paramore - oh, they should do a song together! let's start a facebook group!

"I'm screaming I love you so - But my thoughts you can't decode!"

Oh God! Lizzie Patterson - that's Rob's sister, right? She did vocals?!

And that's it. End of film a credits! Thanks for watching & reading tweets! see ya when I do new Moon! XD

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