Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Agatha Christie

Today is an important day. Today would be the 120th anniversary of the birth of Agatha Christie, the Queen of Crime. And, I didn't know this till I saw a Tweet from GuardianBooks! This was the tweet in question -

Now, I love Agatha Christie. I have listened to a few of her books via audiobook (Third Girl and Death Comes As The End jump to mind), seen The Mousetrap (LOVE that play), read a collection of short stories by her (The Hound of Death) and, of course, watch Poriot and Marple on the TV (though I do want to ask ITV why they're putting Marple into stories that she wasn't in!)

Sorry, I sidetracked myself with my rant. Anyway, because of that, I wanted to do something random. I hope you don't mind...

Stuff is going on to celebrate this week and the link for that is on Agatha Christie's official website, as well as a recipe for a lovely looking chocolate cake... I WANT! Sorry, food lush! Here are the links:

And now, I'll leave you with a quote from the Queen of Crime herself that I found and liked!

"Time is the best killer."


  1. Yummm that choc cake sounds awesome - are you cooking or am I :D

  2. Does it matter if I make a mess in the kitchen, Asamum?