Saturday, 25 September 2010


Now, all of the books I have been willing to kill over. Expect one that will be coming out next month and, hopefully, I will be going to a book signing when the author comes to the UK.

This book is CRESCENDO by Becca Fitzpatrick.

Now, the reason am writing this blog is because of the book trailer has been released and if I watch it one more time, I might scream at the book gods and demand an ARC at once!

I'm sorry, but I MUST HAVE THIS BOOK! Plus, I love the "International Bestseller That First Bought You Fallen Angels" bit. Some people will disagree but Becca was one of the forehead of the sudden uprising against vampires.

Plus, there's a competition on Fallen Archangel, the Official Fansite for Becca's Hush Hush series. It's the get an Advance Reader Copy of Crescendo (WANT!). So, to enter (and it's international, not just USA - JUST ENTERED MYSELF!), go to The competition ends tomorrow so RUN!

PS - the song used in the video (love it!) was "Mighty To Save" by Don't Wake Aislin. And, because I love music, here's the song...


  1. Going to annoy you. Read it :D Have you signed up to UK Book Tours as I sent my copy for tour :D

  2. What? you read it? We can no longer be blog-friends! Was it good? Just tell me it's good and lives up to Hush Hush?

    UK Book Tours? I don't think I have. What's the info...