Wednesday 20 October 2010

GoodRead - UK Cover Vs US Cover

Last blog of the day, me thinks!

Anyway, this cover is for a book I've just entered a competition for (click here if you wanna enter!) and so, I thought I should do it!

The book is called Infinite Days by Rebecca Maizel. And yes, it is another vampire story. But ti looks darker and creepy than the normal YA vampire stories out on bookshelves at the moment.

Anyway, the covers! This is the UK cover...

And this is the US cover...

Very different, aren't they? The UK cover, I suspect, is going for the dark, edgy feel of the book (how very vampire) whereas the US cover is going for a slightly different take.

You know, the more I see the US cover, the more I like it. I think it's the striking blue eyes and the silver tear. But I do prefer the UK cover.

Although, I have just seen the German cover for Infinite Days (or, as it is going to be called in German - The Night is Yours), and I LOVE THE COVER! But then, I do always like blue and underwater-feels to books...


  1. I think the 3 covers looks great...i am a new follower :)

  2. Well, Hello basma all! I do hope you like the blog! And thank you for following!

    Yes, I agree. All three covers are great! And I suspect that each book cover is different to appeal more to each country's taste. Which makes the whole comparing covers idea fun!