Wednesday 20 October 2010

Michelle Zink News

As some of you know, I love Michelle Zink and her trilogy, Prophecy of the Sisters. But somehow, I missed the announcement of what the third and final book in the series was called. For a long time, the rumour mill had us believe that it was simply The Beast. That was a draft name but now, the name of the third and final book has been revealed as...


I love it. When I first heard it, I thought: "All Hell has Broken Loose!" and I can't wait! Am still reading book two in the series so TELL ME NOTHING!

But, because I wanted to find a cool image, I searched for a Circle of Fire image and found this. LOVE IT!!!


  1. NICE! And I have to admit that you're "All hell has broken loose" expression is an apt description.

    In Circle of Fire all hell DOES break loose. Both literally and figuratively.

    Can't wait for you to read it!


  2. OMG MIchelle you are such a tease :D
    What a fantastic image - I love it

  3. Yes, Michelle, you are a tease! *rushes to your website and waits for a teaser from Circle of Fire*

    And am glad you like the image, Asamum!